How to dial

Domestic call

  • Mobile phone call: 09XX-XXX-XXX
  • Domestic line call: (0)(area code)(domestic line number) ex:(0)(2)(XXXX-XXXX)


Peak Time

NT $0.1/S

Off-peak Time

NT $0.05/S


Peak Time

NT $0.174/S

Off-peak Time

NT $0.0869/S

International call from Taiwan

  • Dial: ”017”+ “Country code” + “Area code” + “Phone number”. For example, 017-86-21-12345678.
North America
Country Country code Min. charge
Hong kong 852 NT $6.7
Japan/Korea 81/82 NT $9.1
China 86 NT $7.3
Singapore 65 NT $8.4
Malaysia 60 NT $10.5
U.S/Canada 1 NT $3.8
  1. Peak Hours : Monday to Friday 08:00~23:00 
  2. Off-Peak Hours: Monday to Friday 23:00~08:00 ; Saturday 00:00 to Monday 08:00 ; all National Holidays
  3. "017" international call promotion will end on January 3rd, 2022
  4. โปรโมชันโทรศัพท์ระหว่างประเทศ "017" จะสิ้นสุดในวันที่ 3 มกราคม ปี 2022
  5. Chương trình ưu đãi gọi điện thoại quốc tế đầu số “017” sẽ kết thúc vào ngày 03 tháng 01 năm 2022
  6. Promo telepon internasional "017" akan berakhir pada tanggal 3 Januari 2022

Airport Store

  1. The validity period of the SIM card number depends on the number of days of the product purchased,and it is calculated as 24 hours as a day from the time of activation. The SIM card period cannot be extended, and voice/Internet products cannot be recharged, and the SIM card number will be invalid after the validity period expires.
  2. The SIM card plan allows unlimited transmission of domestic mobile internet during the period of validity of the phone number.
  3. The "Free Airtime" cannot be transferred to any other FarEastone phone number. The balance will return to zero after the validity period.
  4. 5G "hotspot sharing" free GB means shareable cumulative Internet transfer volume, when the free GB number is used up, hotspot sharing cannot be provided.
  5. Internet speeds may vary depending on the location, weather, smartphone.
  6. If you are covered by the 5G network and use terminal equipment that supports 5G/4G services, you can enjoy complete 5G/4G services.
  7. The traveler's prepaid card is only for normal and legal activities. In the event of illegal, improper business conduct or unreasonable use, the company may suspend communications or Internet traffic control measures, and may terminate the service contract if necessary.
  8. Far Eastone Telecom reserves the right to modify the rate at any time.