How to dial

Domestic call

  • Mobile phone call: 09XX-XXX-XXX
  • Domestic line call: (0)(area code)(domestic line number) ex:(0)(2)(XXXX-XXXX)


Peak Time

NT $0.1/S

Off-peak Time

NT $0.05/S


Peak Time

NT $0.174/S

Off-peak Time

NT $0.0869/S

International call from Taiwan

  • Dial: ”017”+ “Country code” + “Area code” + “Phone number”. For example, 017-86-21-12345678.
North America
Country Country code Min. charge
Hong kong 852 NT $6.7
Japan/Korea 81/82 NT $9.1
China 86 NT $7.3
Singapore 65 NT $8.4
Malaysia 60 NT $10.5
U.S/Canada 1 NT $3.8
  1. Peak Hours : Monday to Friday 08:00~23:00 
  2. Off-Peak Hours: Monday to Friday 23:00~08:00 ; Saturday 00:00 to Monday 08:00 ; all National Holidays

Airport Store

  1. The prepaid card can only be used in Taiwan.
  2. Internet speeds may vary depending on the location, weather, smartphone.
  3. FET Taoyuan Airport store only.Far Eastone Telecom reserves the right to modify the rate at any time.