Prepaid Card

Taiwan’s No.1 Prepaid Card
5G Ultra Speed for the PRO
Chosen by the most users in Taiwan

Customer service
Customer service Dial 777 directly or 0936-000-777 from your phone for free customer service.
Dial 777 directly
1Press 1 for recharge service.
2Press 2 to check your account balance and expiration date
3Press 3 for a list of your last 5 calls
4Press 4 to change your language type
1For English press 1
2For Chinese press 2
3For Indonesian press 3
4For Thai press 4
5For Vietnamese press 5
5Press 5 to check and apply IF internet service
7Press 7 to check the PUK number and voicemail functions
0Press 0 to speak with a customer service representative
Offering multilingual service
1Languages include Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese
2Thai/Indonesian/Vietnamese service time: 15:00-23:00
Service and emergency calls
Number 0800
Domestic 0800 collect calls
Billing Method:Free
Number 0809
Domestic 0809 collect calls
Billing Method:Free
Number 110/119
Case reporting desk/fire reporting desk
Billing Method:Free
Number 112
Emergency calls
Billing Method:Free
Number 113
National women & child protection hotline
Billing Method:Free
Number 36119
Employment & Vocational Training Administration 0800 Thai complaint hotline
Billing Method:Free
Number 1955
Foreign worker consulting & protection hotline
Billing Method:Free
Number 777
IF Recharge Card customer service hotline
Billing Method:Free
Number 105
Domestic directory assistance
Billing Method:NT$10/call