Prepaid Card

Taiwan’s No.1 Prepaid Card
5G Ultra Speed for the PRO
Chosen by the most users in Taiwan

User Information
1The IF SIM card is non-refundable.
2The Prepaid number is valid for six-month after activation or after the first call; when consumers purchase a new recharge card and recharge the prepaid number, the validity period will extend six months from the date of recharge.
3Staring on February 1,2008, users who still have a balance after their prepaid number has expired (excluding persons who wish to donate an amount) may dial 777 directly from their phone to contact customer service, to have the balance transfer to another in-use access number. Operator may start to charge users a monthly process fee from the 7th month, until the airtime balance after the prepaid number has expired.
4Please dial 777 to have remaining airtime balance transfer to another in-use access number within the first 6th month after the prepaid number has been expired. A monthly process fee will be charge starting on the 7th month until the airtime balance become zero.
5For security reasons, the maximum balance allowed to accumulated in your account is NT$5,000.
6There will be no compensation on unused balanced for any lost or stolen SIM. Contact customer service  02-4495123 or 777 for check the  nearest Fareastone store to apply the replacement card. Each replacement will be charged for NT$300.
7If your prepaid SIM is lost, stolen or damaged, you may dial 777 for check the nearest Fareastone store to apply the replacement card. You may retain your original prepaid number with the replacement. Each replacement will be charged for NT$300.
8The service area provided by FET is limited to the area approved by the government authorities and within the signal transmission range of the company’s base stations. In case of interference not attributable to us or beyond our control, you may not claim damages or compensation against FET.
9The NCC requires that customers shall provide their names, ID numbers addresses and mobile numbers to the operators. In accordance with NCC regulations, FET will temporarily disconnect the service of those who fail to confirm.
1Voicemail is one of FET’s free value-added services. IF card users can dial 777 to activate voicemail; a fee of NT$0.06/sec. is charged for listening to Voicemail messages.
2If you are using voicemail for the first time, you can directly dial 222 from your phone to complete the voicemail set-up before you can use voicemail functions or listen to recorded messages. The voicemail system will guide you through the setting process; please follow the voice instructions, and enter your PIN settings and record your name and personal welcome message.
Entering your voicemail mailbox:
Approach 1
Dial 222 + send from your cell phone.
Approach 2
Use any phone to dial your cell phone number. After entering the voicemail system, press 9 to skip the welcome message, and enter your PIN.
Main Menu
Mendegarkan pesan
Message Inbox
7Delete Message(s)
9Store Message(s)
4Replay Message(s)
5Message Information & Details
0More Options
Menu pribadi
Personal options
1Modify PIN
2Record greetings
3Turn On/Off date/time
4Turn On/Off auto-paly
5Change language
Modify PIN
Ubah nomor PIN
Modify PIN
Turn skip PIN function
Record greetings
Rekam Salam
Modify personal welcome message
Modify “Name” & “Welcome message”
dengarkan penjelasan fungsi
Listen to options
*Exit or back one level
Pilih Salam umun yang disediakan dengarkan nomor telepon
Select the Standard greeting (with phone)
Pilih Salam umum yang disediakan (dengan nama) Salam pribadi
Select the Standard greeting(with names)
Salam pribadi
Personal greeting
Dengarkan penjelasan fungsi
Listen to options
*Exit or back one level
Turn On/Off date/time
Turn On/Off auto-paly
Change language
Bahasa Inggris
Bahasa Mandarin