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Friendly Reminder
  1. FarEasTone (IF) offers free VoLTE service for prepaid customers (original price 30 NT dollars). VoLTE call charges will be based on the user's current tariff voice rate, and the data usage generated during calls will not incur additional charges.
  2. Activating FarEasTone (IF)'s VoLTE service also enables VoWiFi and IP SMS (IP-based SMS) functionalities. Users can toggle VoLTE and VoWiFi functions separately through their mobile phone settings. IP SMS allows users to send and receive SMS messages using Wi-Fi signals in environments where there is no mobile signal available.
  3. Customers who have activated VoLTE and use devices that support IP SMS do not need to apply separately for IP SMS service. IP SMS will be charged based on the customer's current SMS rate according to their tariff plan.
  4. For VoLTE high-definition voice quality calls, the following three conditions must be met. If any of these conditions are not met, the call will be conducted in regular voice quality. The audio quality of VoLTE is also influenced by the strength of 4G reception for both devices in the call.
    • Both devices successfully activated FarEasTone (IF)'s VoLTE service.
    • Both devices support FarEasTone (IF)'s VoLTE and have upgraded to the compatible version, with VoLTE enabled in their device settings.
    • Both devices are in a FarEasTone (IF) 4G covered area.
  5. For now, VoLTE high-definition voice quality is more likely to be achieved for on-net calls. Calls to off-net/landline/international numbers may not support VoLTE high-definition voice quality but can still be made in regular voice quality.
  6. FarEasTone (IF)'s VoLTE service currently does not support video calling services.
  7. To use VoWiFi, the caller needs a VoWiFi-compatible device with the necessary software and settings. VoWiFi calls are made over Wi-Fi networks. VoWiFi calls are charged according to the customer’s current voice rate.
  8. Google does not support VoLTE voice service for Google Pixel in unofficial sales regions.
  9. FarEasTone (IF) reserves the right to modify, terminate, or suspend promotional offers. For more details, please refer to the official announcements on the FarEasTone (IF) website.