Digital Inclusion

Through capital communication technology to create a non-discriminatory and accessible information society, Far EasTone invested more than NT$200 million last year to implement the “Mountain Project”, reaching 95% of the LTE signal coverage in the outlying islands, becoming the leader in the industry's hometown communication construction, and improving the coverage of the rural broadband infrastructure, to close the urban-rural gap. In addition, in order to shorten the uneven distribution of urban and rural educational resources, FET launched the "Revolutionize Education, Spread Love Far" program last year, in collaboration with University of Taiwan's Professor Benson Yeh to promote their online game learning platform PaGamO. Through this game, it enhances the learning motivation of the children in rural schools and FET volunteers accompanied them.
Revolutionize Education, Spread Love Far
Due to the recent M-shaped society phenomenon, wealth inequality induces a significant poverty gap within places such as in rural towns. Therefore, FET collaborated with PaGamO Taiwan founder Professor Benson Yeh in bringing this educational game to primary schools in remote areas. “PaGamO” is an online learning platform, offering multiple exam questions such as environmental awareness questions, which enhances children’s willingness to learn new knowledge in a fun way. FET employees taught children in remote schools the “PaGamO” educational game through the “Cloud for Education” online virtual classroom.
Cloud Play
FET and the Tainan City Government, Qualcomm, Industrial Technology Research Institute and ASUS expanded the Cloud Play project in 2017. This collaboration included10 schools in Tainan City and donated more than 550 preloads of the Cloud Play application. ASUS tablets with the Cloud Play application and 310 sets of 4G portable APs are expected to open a new mobile learning model through 4G mobile network, and continue to assist Tainan City to create an action learning and outdoor teaching platform to realize the construction of 4G Smart City. The goal of the Cloud Play platform is to help more than 500,000 teachers and students.
Ministry of Education’s rural area digital caring promotive plan – digital education charity production
In order to promote the development of Taiwan's communication technology and the popularity of digitalization, the FET and the Telecommunications and Transportation Foundation cooperated with the Ministry of Education to promote the publication of teaching public welfare books, such as mobile payment and Internet of Things, which also supplied 117 local digital opportunity centers to shorten urban and rural learning gaps.
Digital innovative camp
FET and the Telecommunications and Transportation Foundation joined hands with Taiwan Normal University and Oriental University of Science and Technology to jointly host the three-day "National Middle School Summer School - Application for the Internet of Things Innovation Digital Camp", aiming to shorten the digital gap. Elementary and middle school students participate in a three-day all-day course.
Rural area broadband infrastructure
Achieved 95% of the LTE signal coverage in the outlying islands, FET became the model company within the industry's communication construction. FET's "Mountain Project" cooperates with Luodong, Pingtung, Hualien, Chiayi, Nantou and Hsinchu Forest Management Office to optimize the communication quality of Taiwan's hiking trails.
Society caring services
Targeting the elderly, children, people with disabilities, people with language barriers, FET launched a community care program for these people to use. For example, hosting neighborhood consumption courses so that people who can't travel on their own can learn how to use electronic devices by themselves. FET also offers other services that help the ones in need.