Environmental Education

FET’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee follows the double concept “eco-fashion, creative responsibility” and combines core expertise in communication with innovative thinking via its “Cherish the Earth, Spread Love Far” project. FET encourages the inception of easy, convenient, and fashionable means of raising environmental awareness and promotes environmental education for children and the youth; all in collaboration with the public, employees, consumers, suppliers, and NGOs.
Cherish the Earth, Spread Love Far
In response to the vision of the SDG13 Climate Action, the company has set a plan for “Cherish the Earth, Spread Love Far” since 2015 to promote environmental education to stakeholders, such as electronic environmental books, image acquisitions, and creative ideas, eco-concert, children's air pollution and environmental protection summit, etc. Since 2017, FET worked together with several NGOs to reduce carbon emissions and cool down 2 degrees Celsius. FET established a green culture based project named "Carbon Go Away" to promote environmental green education and advocate the three core actions of consumer green responsibility. FET works with stakeholders such as employees, consumers, the public and suppliers to implement environmental protection, with the goal to reduce 500 metric tons of carbon emissions.
Environmental education camp for kids
FET believes that environmental education should start from a young age. Since 2013, students are invited to play an important role in promoting environmental education; volunteers traveled to north, central and south Taiwan and rural areas. Activities include: electronic picture books, camp activities, visiting water resource exhibitions, and "game-based learning" in cooperation with the Pley School that enables students to easily learn about environmental education. This year, FET has also collaborated with social enterprises to help promote environmental education with "game-style learning". It has also specially designed the "Cherish the Earth Summit" activities, which will focus on the reduction on plastic, carbon reduction and air pollution. The theme of environmental protection allows children to think about how to solve problems through role-playing, communication and negotiation, and lead children to learn and think about solving environmental issues.
Eco-friendly music concert
Since 2015, FET hosted eco-friendly concerts in hopes that through the combination of artistic performances and environmental protection concepts, so people can begin to care about the environment and start to do something about it. The Eco-Concert is the first concert in Taiwan that combines eco-images, music and drama. There were more than a thousand people at the event every year. Since 2017, FET's concerts have been certified by the EPD for environmentally friendly low-carbon activities. The butterfly themed eco-concerts and green actions are the main themes. Additionally, the public are invited to participate in various green action activities, hosted along with the concert.
Beach cleansing
FET hosts more than two beach cleansing activities each year and adopted the beach in Shanwei Harbour on the southern coast of Taiwan. FET is committed to maintain the cleanliness of the coast for a long time. Through environmental education initiatives, FET leads its employees to understand the relationship between the ocean and human life. FET also encourages children to participate with their parents, so they can also learn about the wonders of the ocean and the importance of healthy ecosystem.
Eco-friendly workshop
Through the indoor courses of the environmental education workshops, the community power-saving workshops and the design of environmental video stories workshops, participants can understand the ecological environment and challenges of Taiwan. In 2017, a total of 74 environmental workshops were hosted by FET.