Value Creation


In 2017, the purchasing amount of Handsets and ICT accounted for nearly 90% of the total purchasing amount. While providing excellent international mobile phone brands and equipment to consumers, FET also encourages foreign companies to set up offices in Taiwan to promote Taiwan´s economic development. FET is also committed to supporting local industries. After orders related to foreign brand products are excluded, purchases from local Taiwanese companies27 in 2017 accounted for 99.45% of our total procurement spending.
To foster a green supply chain in support of our "environmentally and socially friendly program,” FET requires that suppliers in all categories, as well as their upstream and downstream partners, adhere to our green procurement guidelines. Our procurement department also consults with the energy-saving team to evaluate and incorporate energy-saving specifications into the bidding options for purchasing orders, and a tracking mechanism has been set up for each order to be monitored. FET's total green procurement amount was NT$500,703,351 from the fourth quarter of 2016 as of the fourth quarter of 2017.