Social Engagement

In terms of social participation, FET actively cared for children's issues and joined hands with the Child Welfare League Foundation to promote the "Abandoned Children, Spread Love Far" charity fundraising event for 11 years, with the total accumulated fundraising amount exceeded over $38 million NTD. FET assisted more than 1,200 babies to grow up safely with the funds. In February of this year, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Hualien. FET took the lead in investing in disaster relief caring services. FET sent volunteers and mobile communication vehicles to the disaster site to keep the network smooth and also set up care service stations for victims in search for temporary shelters; FET volunteers had accompanied the victims. Additionally, the Far Eastern Group has donated a total of $30 million NTD to assist the reconstruction of the victims' homes.
Caring service
When assistance is needed for major disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes, FET set up seven care service stations in the north, central and south Taiwan. These care service stations are designed to aid disaster-stricken households, completely free of charge. Other services include: bill reduction, mobile communication vehicles to provide steady network, donations, and even provide spare machines for the victims.
Save Abandoned Kids, Spread Love Far
Since 2006, FET has cooperated with the Child Welfare League Foundation to assist in fundraising money for abandoned children. FET employees became volunteers to help fundraising. In recent years, FET also hosted large-scale picnics, carnival events, and other activities to spread the awareness, so that the public can care for issue of the abandonment of children. In the long run, FET reached up to 40% of funds covered in terms of the total number of funding for the foundation. According to the long-term expectation, the company will bring more ripple effects and give the most warmth and care to the abandoned children.
BoBee charity project
By combining telecommunications technology, FET launched the BoBee GPS tracking device, targeting for elderlies with dementia, children, and pets. FET invited spokesperson Ella Chen to shoot the promo short video, in which every time a netizen shares the video, FET will donate $1NTD to the BoBee project. In addition, FET also donated 150 BoBee devices for public welfare groups dedicated to preventing missing persons rescue initiatives. FET also sponsored the Hongdao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation's dream project.
Teach for Taiwan – rural education telecom sponsorship
Sponsoring the communication services required for Teach For Taiwan's rural education, including 20 bill reduction plans for local teachers
Family internet safety hotline and Taitung information development research sponsorship
For the seventh consecutive year, FET has continued to support the Children's Internet Security Campaign. The sponsorship includes the Cyber Angel's Pick home network hotline and the information literacy creation workshop. At the end of August 2017, the Cyber Angel's Pick Foundation held an information literacy camp in Taitung Chihshang Guangyuan Elementary School, and further sponsored mobile phones to enable schoolchildren to record activities.