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Welcome digital talents to join us!
To develop business in the area of Blockchain, AI, Security, IoT and Cloud.

  • Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning

    Develop and manage big data platform. Improve organizational performance by machine learning method.

  • IoT Ecosystem & Solutions Development

    Build up IOT ecosystem and its business models. Develop IoT applications and solutions to create business case for 5G roll-out.

  • Cloud Platform DevOps & Automation

    Work on full-stack development and apply system automation along with development of IoT platform.

  • Information Security Solutions Development

    Optimize information security platforms by exploring and developing security intelligence mechanisms through big data technologies.

  • Telecom Cloud Network Planning and Analysis

    Plan and analyze 5G mobil cloud network and provide 5G enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine type communication and ultra-reliable low latency communication services.

  • Digital Marketing & Segment Marketing

    Analyze customer journey and offer the most convenient service experience with omni-channel digital marketing.

  • Enterprise Account Manager / Sales Representative

    Provide ICT(Information Communication Terminology)  Solutions to address clients’ business needs and digital transformation.

  • Strategic Analytics & Planning

    Develop business strategy and tactics with outside-in perspectives, such as following up market environment, industry trend and competitor analysis.

Next Gen Program

FET aims to become a leader in the technological convergence market in the 5G era. Thus, to fulfill a growing demand for experts in the fields of Big Data, AI, and IoT, FET introduced “Next Gen Program” since 2016 to recruit fresh graduates. The Next Gen Program is now entering its fourth year, during which nearly 100 professionals have been developed. Starting this year, FET takes one step further to identify various suitable projects to provide talented employees with an autonomous and challenging work environment, in order to cultivate more and more Big Data, AI, and IoT experts.

By implementing both soft-skill and hard-skill professional training and development plans, engaging in cross business unis rotations, and providing regular performance feedback, FET cultivates fresh graduates to grow with their high potentials and demonstrate high performance results.

Adapt 3E Model
Exposure, and
You will learn both professional and technical skills and you will also be invited to join real projects to apply what you have learned and accumulated very valuable working experience.
and hard-skills
We have a rigorous mechanism in place to evaluate your performance and to ensure the effectiveness of the program.
mentor system
Cross-BU mangers are appointed to be your mentor. They will expand your horizon and provide you with essential career guidance.
Meanwhile, FET offers many opportunities to fresh campus talents, such as Internship Program in addition to Next Gen Program via on-job training and professional skills development programs. With our mission to build a healthy and work-life integrated workplace, we create an agile and engaged working environment and a fun workplace. As long as you are passionate for new technology, willing to test and learn, a trustworthy team player, welcome to join us.

Career Development

FET invests employee training and development to strengthen professional skills and to continuously improve both individual and organizational performance.

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