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Corp. Social Responsibility

FET has always embraced the brand spirit of "Closing the Distance" by fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility. In recent years, FET has won numerous reputable CSR awards in Taiwan including Global Views magazine's CSR Award, CommonWealth magazine's CSR Award, Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, and Best at CSR in FinanceAsia's Asia's Best Managed Companies. Those awards highlighted growing public recognition at FET’s long-term efforts in corporate sustainability.FET’s corporate sustainability strategy has combined with core operational strategy and led the industry in publishing the first report based on the Integrated Reporting framework. We hope this integrated disclosure will give stakeholders a clearer picture of corporate sustainability at FET. In the face of challenges in sustainable development, FET continued to embrace "Chic environmental protection, Creative responsibility" as our two main CSR themes and demonstrate our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues to fulfill the corporate vision of “FET Connects and Enriches Life”.


Additionally, in order to effectively manage the value of social welfare input, the company introduced the forecast Social Return on Investment (SROI) reporting management system in 2017 and published the first Chinese version of the forecast SROI report in Asia. The calculation for the "Cherish the Earth, Spread Love Far" environmental education project resulted in that for every NT$1 imputed to society, FET generates a NT$3.17 social value. For effective management, FET also improved its results of forecast reporting while also conducted the 2017 evaluation SROI report. The report shows that the actual social value generated for each NT$1 invested in environmental awareness activities in 2017 increased from the original NT$3.17 to NT$3.79, which is a 20% increase from the forecast result. FET will continue to evaluate the influence of activities impacted on the society, whist also maximize the social benefits of economic investment to achieve our sustainable development notion.
Furthermore, FET invested business resources along the path of its development on sustainability. FET expects to conduct more comprehensive information integration to collect impact data regarding to stakeholders, and the result could be the basis of overall operating plan and sustainable strategy. Therefore, FET consulted the principles of monetization framework and integrated report of Natural Capital Protocol, Social Capital Protocol to adopt the Total Impact Measurement & Management (TIMM) proposed by PwC as the instrument to analyze the source of sustainable value.
In the calculation of 2017, FET created a sustainable value amount of NT$72,292 million for its stakeholders. Among which, the economic factor created around NT$37,584 million, contribution to the government was around NT$5,550 million, and social factor created around NT$29,583 million. Environmental factor created impact around NT$425 million, accounting for 0.6% of the overall sustainable value. For more information, please refer to “Measuring and Managing Total Impact – FET’s Sustainability Path”.


Official Videos

Organization: Taipei Symphony Orchestra
Donee : Public
Duration: 2017/06/10-11
Topic : FET sponsored the "Traceless Folk Song Concert" by Taipei Symphony Orchestra.
Description: FET sponsored the "Traceless Folk Song Concert" by Taipei Symphony Orchestra (TSO), echoing 2017's CSR theme of "Leave No Trace in Life, Carbon Go Away". As realization of the traceless concept, such as not using disposable materials and digitalization instead of paper, this two-day concert event invited over a thousand attendants to jointly put green actions into effect. Through FET's promotion effort, TSO also applied with Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) for this concert to be certified as EPA's "Green Event", and together fulfilled the duty to protect the earth.


Award & Recognition
Achievement:FET was awarded the 「Industry Mover」 by RobecoSAM, the only award-winning in telecommunication Services industry in the world
 Description: FET is committed to continuous improvement and outstanding performance in corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility! FET was awarded the "Industry Mover" in the 2019 Sustainability Yearbook published by RobecoSAM, the only award-winning in telecommunication Services industry in the world, and won the "Bronze" Sustainability Award.


FET Labs

To develop the Technology Leadership in Mobile Communication, Far EasTone established the first Industrial Wireless Labs, FET Labs in Taiwan, targeting on Mobile Communication Research